The inspiration for Kentuckiana Trading began from an earlier venture with which the founders were involved. The experience opened their eyes to the possibility of value, when the right buyer can be located. A situation, which can sometimes take several months, and is not consistent with traditional auction methods. Kentuckiana Trading, llc is not your ordinary online super store. Most of the items that you see online are located inside our over 4 acre facility in Borden, Indiana (not in a thousand locations) for you to come and see in person (just minutes from Louisville KY). Please enjoy the online experience and feel free to come down to check out our one of a kind operation! Under the Leadership of Rick, Shirley, Brandon & Shane Koetter, Kentuckiana Trading, llc is a diversified consignment warehouse that provides a wide variety of quality products sold by quality people. 

The formation of Kentuckiana Trading, llc started when the small town of Borden, Indiana lost a major business in the community due to consolidation, which took some 250 jobs elsewhere. This loss, left an enormous facility vacant, which would most likely deteriorate with time. The Family resides in Borden and was fortunate enough to not feel the repercussions of the job losses that occurred. In essence, this gave the Family the ambition to try and bring back some of the jobs and business to this 400,000 square feet facility. With the family‚Äôs excellent work ethics and prestigious accomplishments in the business area of Southern Indiana, they had the ability to put their dream of a potential family legacy into action.  Their ambition, integrity, passion and commitment to succeed have the potential to create several jobs and bring stimulation to the neighboring businesses within the community. With everything going on in the United States, in regards to our economic crisis, Kentuckiana Trading, llc works diligently to provide their buyers and sellers with a satisfying buying and selling experience. Kentuckiana Trading, llc has a comparative advantage against its competitors by showcasing its inventory in such a unique manner. 

By showcasing all items for a minimum of 90days, Kentuckiana Trading is able to allow the person or business that needs the item time to find it before it goes to Auction, a huge void in finding True Fair Market Value, that the traditional auction methods are incapable of offering.  This makes Kentuckiana Trading, llc a very unique operation, which consists of a 4 acre facility under roof and another 6acres of hard surface in front of one of the busiest highways in Southern Indiana.  At any one time Kentuckiana Trading, llc has tens of thousands of items ranging from baby beds to bulldozers! All items in the warehouse are for sale on site at the Borden, Indiana location or any time online to anyone interested in buying. Its doors are open to everyone; if you are a business owner, a trade-specific worker, or an individual, Kentuckiana Trading, llc is certain to have what you are looking for with a guaranteed competitive price.